Team Building

Teamwork has always been an important part to the success of any business. Teams are designed to accomplish more work in less time and become capable of handling all aspects required for success. Whether it is one team that runs a company or several at multiple locations, teams are responsible for working together to accomplish a common goal.


Improving Team Communication
The most effective teams have members who understand themselves, as well as each other. The TTI Success Insights®Team Behavioral Report not only defines team dynamics, but also guides team members to leverage behavioral knowledge for increased success. By understanding the keys to communicating with others based on behavioral styles, team members can become more effective and increase overall productivity. The results of the team report will also identify the strengths of each team member to be sure everyone is in a position to contribute to team success with their fullest potential.


Easy Application in the Workplace
The Team Behavioral Report is an important component to building effective teams because it considers each team member’s individual behavioral style to determine the team’s dynamics. It takes only 10 minutes to complete the 24-question online assessment, then each individual’s results are combined into one, easy-to-use report.

The Team Behavioral Report is an ideal tool for:

• Team-Building Workshops
• Growth and Development of Team Members
• Successful Team Management
• Team Effectiveness Analysis
• EnhancingTeam Communication


Report Contents click here to download a full report

• Behavioral Style Overview – The breakdown of the team members’ natural and adapted behavioral styles.
• Strengths of Each Behavioral Style – Characteristics and strengths of team members in each of the eight behavioral styles.
• Weaknesses of Each Behavioral Style – Areas where the team member’s style may prevent opportunity for improvement.
• Communication Do’s – Words and phrases that can be used to communicate with team members of each behavioral style.
• Potential Need forTeam Members – Behavioral styles that are not represented in the team dynamics.
• Team Style Blending – How team members of different styles will naturally work together.
• Team Member Characteristics – Key phrases and words that describe members of each style.
• Words That Don’t Work – Key phrases and words that should be avoided for effective communication with each style.
• Ideal Environment – The individual’s preferred work atmosphere.
• Success Insights®Wheel – Depicts the team’s natural amd adapted styles and the movement between them.


Results and Benefits
The TTI Success Insights Team Behavioral Report will help you detail the strengths, weaknesses, problem solving abilities, communication preferences and potential areas for conflict within each of the behavioral styles represented by the team. By recognizing, understanding and appreciating these factors, the team can achieve increased productivity and overall team cohesiveness.


Team Behavior & Motivation: Bar ChartGroup Wheel


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