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What is a Job Benchmark?
A job benchmark is a report that identifies specific job behaviors, motivators  and attitudes required to be productive and successful in a particular job.
Job Bench Marking Article -BTA Office Technology Magazine

Office Technology Sales Rep Benchmark Report


How would I use a Job Benchmark?

1. Applicant Screening & Interviewing:
(#1 cause of employee turnover is a poor hiring decision!)
The applicants complete a 10-minute online Talent Survey to generate a Talent Report that you compare with the job requirements for the best job fit. A Multi-Applicant Job-Talent comparison report can be generated to compare all applicants to the job requirements in one single report.


2. Employee Development, Coaching and Retention:
(#2 cause of turnover is job-related stress from being miscast or mismanaged)
An applicant’s Talent Report can be used as is, or converted into a more detailed, and individualized Coaching and Career Development Plan. Sales versionGeneral version


How does the process work?

1. Identify the job you want to benchmark and 3-5 subject matter experts who are currently, or have been successful in that job.

2. Complete a 20-minute online Job Benchmark Questionnaire.

3. We generate  your specific Job Benchmark and go over it with you in a web meeting


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